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Originally Posted by 9to5cynic View Post
You should all know that Jupiter is in the 11th hour, the end is upon us!

(IE: it's now December )

Now, from time to time, I'll watch shows like Doomsday Prophesy or whatever it's called, well, there was this one guy who they talked about on this show....

He was a fairly accomplished prophet (I think he was from the south?)... and he said that the key to preventing the end of the world was buried under the sphinx's foot... Well, a few years later, an team went to investigate and found that there was a chamber underneath the foot!

Egypt's government banned them from digging any farther... it was also thought that the key to saving the world had to do with the missing key stone from the top of the pyramid....

I don't know much about all this, but, it's interesting enough, and I thought that some of you guys may be interested in this little tid-bit of speculation that I recalled.

Edgar Cayce, charlatan.

You know that no such chamber existed right, and that was made up?

And that the claim was that it was found using remote viewing - in other words, closing your eyes and picturing things from far away?

And that you can find this yarn being sold at Barnes and Noble on the SCIENCE rack?

Hope this helps -

Also -

Then we have these people -

That last one is especially convincing.

Evidently, the secret chamber under the Sphinx looks exactly like the inside the Great Pyramid, in the parts accessible to tourists.

Clever of the ancient Egyptians to do that, even more clever that the apocalypse gang got the underground all dried out.

Life on other planets? Yes. Chambers under the Sphinx? Yeah. Not so much. Sorry.

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