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Originally Posted by Speed Daemon View Post
I apologize in advance for the threadjack, but I'm looking for a good online storage. I'm looking for one:
  • with a TOS that keeps my files private to me
  • at least 200GiB of storage (I'm willing to pay, but not lots)
  • Linux client support that's as good as the Windows client
  • an Android client.

Cubby looks good, but I don't see any rates or storage limits, or Linux support. SugarSync looks more like what I'm looking for. Does anyone have real-world experience with a service like what I'm seeking?

Currently I'm storing my files online on a virtual host run by the ISP that does my DNS and business mail MTA service. I just had to upgrade to a $60/mo. deal after I broke the 150MB storage limit at $25/mo. My deal for the virtual host doesn't make any provision for data retrieval if the host host loses a drive. I don't even know if they're using RAID on the machine. A second managed online storage place would help me sleep better, and having pre-made client software is a luxury that I'd like to enjoy.

I like Amazon's S3 services, but can't justify the expense of a full-blown business class deal right now.
Have you considered a private Linux based FTP server?

Buffalo TeraStations, Qnap and other servers can be had for new/used at reasonable prices.
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