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Since I use technology for my own ends and means - which seem to be very different from most people - I resent being told what I must do, what I must use, and how I must use it.

I'd always do a NL in Adobe Illustrator before I'd even think of using MS Word or Publisher. (I argued my boss into Illustrator - it handles PDF editing) Word has been crap since DOS in my book. It was only usable after I found the Annoyances site. I used Novell's WP and will keep WP9 until computer can't run it.

Apple has had incidents with tracking and your info built in. There was a big outcry about that last year. So if you are into your own privacy, check each OS out. MS and Google do the same. It all depends on who gets outraged and makes enough noise about it. Find the one you can live with.

Some things don't depend on security. PCs used to come stuffed with OEM crap to get you to buy the programs. These are not a security issue, but pains. The poor PC would be so bogged down, it wouldn't run. In other words, PC bloat.

The malware makers try to stay one step ahead. As long as people are greedy and gullible, they will succeed. Trying to save a few will eventually annoy more than it's worth. We'd all get Net Nanny. How many posts are on this site from people who tried to get the latest game or app free? There are stickies about it.

Even people who know better can be pains. It took me quite a while to convince the Vulcan he needed a firewall. He seemed to be convinced that it would slow down his browsing. He's an engineer! He's been caught by MP3 codecs in the form of the malware scams. He will ask about the AV or malware since I deal with it.

Right now Windows security is annoying me. I won't use MS stuff, I've bought from other companies. So security center complains. It turns itself on a couple of times a year for some reason. I have it checked not to notify me. I check on the stuff I do use daily.
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