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Originally Posted by EvoMax View Post
So you're saying the EarlyMon is wrong? He says it's all internal.
Let's review your question.

Originally Posted by EvoMax View Post
Is it better to have apps on phone storage, or internal storage?
Internal storage typically refers to the user accessible /data partition where apps normally install.

Phone storage refers to the internal /sdcard partition located on the same 16 GB eMMC flash memory chip.

Apps that move other apps from /data to /sdcard were originally intended for small /data space phones to move to an external sd card. If you have a total of 2 GB free (for example) of your 16 GB, for example, after moving apps, you will still have at most 2 GB free, maybe less depending on the apps. You're just moving things around on the same 16 GB.

The 16 GB chip being eMMC flash memory type is important for understanding for two reasons. One, it is ultra high speed, and two, it's like an external flash memory sd card.

The same controller chip that controls your built in 16 GB controls your external sd card, and despite what an HTC employee said, that controller is a state of the art type device.

Not only does this phone support class 10 external sd cards, they will perform to the full potential of individual chip, which will vary a bit. They also support a wider range of cards that fit the socket.

The spec sheet for this phone says it supports 32 GB sdhc type sd card. A great many of us are using 64 GB sdxc cards.

The first Evo 4G from 2 years ago was shipped with a class 2 card. The Evo 3D shipped last year with a class 4 card. No doubt the HTC employee meant well but was simply saddled with poor charts and training materials, not their fault.

Class 10 means that the system supports 10 MB/sec (MBps) reads on burst.

Not only does this phone fully support that, as the following test graph from SD Tools proves, I am exceeding class 20 performance.


BTW, I work in r&d in the semiconductor industry, so I am fully qualified in the area of what chips can do what.

Hope this clarifies, if not, apologies, ask again. Please trust our other staffers here, they're more than qualified to give you the straight dope on what you can and cannot do.


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