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Hi there. I just got a new HTC Evo 3D from Virgin Mobile. The battery life is terrible. I charged the phone last night and after only 4 hours I got the "charge battery" notice on my phone. I hardly used it today; just to check email for 5 minutes and send a few texts. The rest of the time it was on standby. I noticed the phone was quite warm to the touch, just from sitting.

I don't know much about the technical aspects of these phones; I hear a lot about "rooting" phones but I have no clue what that is let alone how to do it.

Can someone tell me in simple terms, what I should do to get better battery life out of this phone. I changed my wallpaper to a photo instead of a "live" wallpaper, and I turned off 4G when I am using wifi. What else can I do?
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