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Smile Discipline vs Child Abuse

Whats goin on guys? Been gone for a minute and I'd like to start a topic for discussion, and hopefully not shoot myself in the foot in the process.

Okay, so... I don't wanna start a war here but I must ask my fellow community this question:

Do you believe there is a difference in Discipline (in the context of a major offence, issuing a few swats on the butt and a lecture) and Child Abuse (striking /hitting a child on any part of the body with the intent to inflict harm.)

Now let that stew as I tell you why/how this got brought up.

I have a Facebook page (GASP!) and it just so happens the feed on the right hand side of the page, the one that updates every 15 seconds or so, I see one of my friends posted a link as a comment to a picture. Here's the Picture:
Abuse vs Discipline.jpg

And here is the link:

So after seeing the picture and reading the short PDF article, I was inclined to say something about that.

I think there's a difference in Discipline (which is what this pic suggests) and child abuse.

His response:

Discipline is helping a kid see which types of behaviors pay off. Physically hitting a child is abuse. It's a way trashy, ignorant people relieve their own frustrations. The best leaders are the ones who help people reach higher levels of morality and motivation through positive activities. The worst ones are those who belittle and, at very worst, physically harm others. Someone above mentioned fear. We don't need fear to be better people. Fear is what the terrorists and bullies use.
My Response:

I can agree with most of what your saying, but lemme tell ya how I was raised... If I did something small but yet disrespectful, I was disciplined by lecture. But if I did something outlandish and/or harmful and way outta line for what my dad believed in. you best believe I got his belt to my hind end. Now, would you consider me a criminal? Am I what your page you shared describes as a violent person? I think not, because why? Cuz I don't wanna get my butt whipped! Maybe not by my dad, but by the Justice System this time. I have a son and I discipline him if needed, knowing the line between Discipline and Abuse is something maybe these parents of the cases that were studied in the article, didn't know the difference of. I firmly believe it is up to the parents to teach their child respect and courtesy, and I think nowadays some parents are too soft.
His retort:

Violence is barbaric and counter productive. Anyone interviewed the three kids pictured here to see if they were spanked as kids? Anyone looked at data about kids who were spanked versus not spanked as kids? No. You just think hitting children changes their behavior for the better. It's no surprise we're the species that produced the holocaust, Iran, North Korea, Bin Laden, the inquisition, 9/11, etc etc etc. I reiterate: Violence is barbaric and counter productive.
At this point, its obvious he's not really arguing my statements, just kinda repeating his views.

My response:

I'm not saying go on a rampage, lol. But do you mean to tell me that when your 15 year old son steals your car one night to go out joyriding with friends, and you find out about it... are you going to give him a few swats on the butt and a long discussion about stealing/lying and the implications of what could of happened if he would'a wrecked. Or 10 minutes of his nose in the corner???
His response:

You guys realize in addition to "spare the rod, spoil the child", the old testament prescribes the stoning to death of people for many, sometimes imaginary, crimes along with many other barbaric acts one would expect to be written at that time right?
That pretty much ended the discussion between he and I.
I have about 200+ friends on my friends list and I gladly shared this picture on my timeline with one a word title "Agreed."

Thus far, those who have responded/liked the picture were also in agreements with me.
So, maybe with a bigger audience than just my Facebook friends, I ask you fellow users and abusers of Android, what is your take on the picture?
How do you feel about a good swat on the butt and a lecture vs sitting in a corner for 10 minutes as Discipline?

Please be open and respect every ones own individual opinions.
This is meant to discuss and think, not yell and hate.
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