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Originally Posted by mihalich View Post

I got flash working on my nexus 10 in two minutes with the boat browser.

Go to XDA and go to the Nexus 10 general forum, and look for the article: how I got flash working on my nexus 10.

In the OP, there's a flash apk, download that to your downloads folder on the sdcard. Then install it (make sure you have non market sources for apps in settings turned on.

Then install the boat browser. In the Boat Browser settings turn the user agent to desktop, and set flash plugin to always on.

Boom, i can now watch video on Genius.

Joe I tried this......and every other suggestion and I just can't get flash to work. It's not a huge deal to me, especially since I am trying to get away from flash since it is not being supported on Android devices anymore (officially). I am shocked though that I can't get it to work. The only thing I haven't done is a factory reset, and I am not that worried about it to do that......yet. I haven't gotten my Titanium Backup up and running yet....maybe I will try it once I have a backup. At this's the principle of the matter lol. I can unlock the bootloader, I can root, and I can download install ROMs and Kernals, but I can't get Flash to work????? LOL Anyway, good info, I will try it again at some point.
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