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Originally Posted by suprmallet View Post
And I just switched to the Note 2 from the EVO LTE, and I can say that I'm now getting LTE in 95% of all the places I go in the city (the LTE had problems finding and holding LTE signals, the Note 2 does not).
Unfortunately, I think you're right. I've read the same thing about the EVO struggling to connect to LTE at times. There is a thread about it at S4GRU, and many share your same experience on the EVO. Apparently, as a given market becomes more saturated with LTE tower upgrades, the problem is far less noticeable and in most cases diminishes rapidly. And, like you have experienced, those of us in markets where Network Vision is just now taking off, have much better luck connecting to LTE with the Galaxy S III and Note II. Its good to hear things are moving along well where you are (LA)... 95% is pretty fantastic for a new market. Thanks for sharing your experience!
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