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Originally Posted by Speed Daemon View Post
DRM stands for "digital rights management." DRM prevents unfettered copying of copy-protected files like music purchased from certain websites.
DRM also restricts the content on certain players and devices only. e.g. DRM movies and TV shows from Apple iTunes Store can only be played on Apple iOS devices.

The previously mentioned defunct Sony Connect store, is also a good example of DRM. Any DRM'd songs you bought from it, were restricted to Sony devices only. And now because Sony pulled the plug on it, those songs you bought can't be played at all.

TBH I prefer the term Digital Restrictions Management, as coined by Richard Stallman. Because it's all about restricting what you can do with the content. You have no rights at all with DRM. I think if you buy anything that has DRM, your only actually leasing or renting it, you're not actually purchasing it outright at all.

Apparenty with Barnes & Noble DRM'd e-books, if you close your account, they cancel all the e-books you bought from them.
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