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Default WiFi Issues Frustrated

ok so i have a lg optimus one and a belkin 150n wifi routed,both are g compatible,not n.
so this router has some things which make it unusable.everything works on my desktop pc,but on my cellphone i get tons of problems.browsing on the basic browser is good,no problem with that,but once i get on my youtube app,it first won't load anything,it says it;s not connected,please reintry,althoough i get full signal.after i clear my cache and cookies in the default browser,and then clear the caches of youtube and market,there is a very slight chance it will fix the problem,but most of the times it wont.

In the rare times when it does work,the youtube partially works,meaning it loads the videos(the home videos,meaning recommended videos and subscription videos),but it wont load the icons,it will load just a blank square with the video name on it.if i play that video,it will eventually load,but most of the times won't load related videos and the comments.
same happens for android market too,when i search something,either it won't go trough at all(it tells me no connection,please reintry),or it will load the apps in the same way it does with youtube,just the name and no icon.if i try to download them,the download bar appears,but it won't show a percentage,it's just stuck on downloading.Also,it never loads the screenshots for the app.
when the routed has this bad habit of not working,other internet related apps don't work either.for example,google maps will not load,even if it loads,it will load the cached maps and will not allow me to zoom in on an uncached part of the map.for opera mini,when i touch "search google" and type something,after searching it says no connection.
Strangely enough,dailymotion app works anytime,even when the roiuter doesn't work.

This phenomenon happens at random,it has no clear pattern,but i managed to "guess" when it will and won't work.For example,i never plug off my router and i never turn off my cellphone.I found out that restarting my cellphone will not allow me to use any internet related app(except dailymotion and the browsers)for an extended period of time,ranging from 3 hours to 1 day.
So,at 7 am in the morning,when i get up,the youtube and marked (in general the router)works in 95% of the cases,and it works well,i get good signal in the entire house,and i don't have any complaints.Today,after i came back from school,7 hours later,i checked youtube and it worked.Went to sleep,checked it again,it didn't work.I checked it again right now,and it didn't work.
So,what can i say,these things are completly random,i can guess when it will not work most of the times,but one thing is certain,is that it works only after long hours of not using the wifi internet.So,im 100% sure it will work the next morning,or in 3 hours from now.
So,has anyone any ideea how to fix it?I still don't know if the router of the celphone is the blame,but i tested my cellphone on other routers and they worked 100% of the times,and i didnt get these stupid errors.
I suspect there is a closed port on my router's firewall,i dont know,so if you know anything,PLEASE HELP ME,this problem has been bugging me for about 5 months

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