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Originally Posted by palmtree5 View Post
Never thought I'd see calculus references here...
Hang around here long loung enough, and you will learn that all calucuus is wrong, too.

Originally Posted by h4x0rj3ff View Post
It depends on the setting really. If your manufacturing gears with a wire edm then .9999 is still .0001 underside from 1.00000. now if you have a geometric tolerance of lets say +- .00001 than that dimention being at .9999 would bring you out of tolerance by .00009 rendering the part non conforming and scrap.
But if you are baking brownies, how much does a pinch equal? Tell me that, my machinst friend?

Originally Posted by scary alien View Post

Don't forget that the ellipses ("...") at the end of ".999..." are very important / significant.

Not in the world of Internet math, not one darn bit. So I will choose to ignore them altogether!

Originally Posted by wyndslash View Post
don't let students know that (some profs say that 69.999 doesn't equal 70, lol)
Dont need no stinking proof. Fact is, 69.99 does NOT equal 70. Not if you divide by, then you get a whole different number.
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