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^ Thanks. I actually don't plan on abandoning my Hero. It makes a very viable back-up phone. And when loaded with the right ROM/launcher, it works extremely well considering the relatively anemic processor inside.

Presently I have an LiGux ROM and Zeam launcher installed. The phone performs admirably now, especially after running the V6 SuperCharger. The developer of V6SC made a nearly "fool proof" menu prompting system to it. All it does is reorganize some of the internal Android configuration options to make things run smoother. And it seems to work.

The real deal is that Android was built with a number of overly aggressive fail-safes. In time, it has proven that they are more restrictive rather than helpful. And V6SC works around those restrictions to get a little more performance out of the operating system. The great thing is that you can easily roll it all back if it doesn't suit you. And if something somehow goes terribly wrong (which it shouldn't) you can always do a nandroid restore, as this won't be compromised. The HTC Hero is the hardest Android phone to brick.

About waiting for the next HTC phone, it looks like it'll be the Deluxe. But it's going to be GSM, so not on Sprint. Very nice upgrade to the 4G LTE. Quad core processor over dual core. 2Gb internal RAM, vs. 1Gb. 1920x1080 pixels vs. 1080x720. I expect it'll be sometime in late 2013 when we see a CDMA version.
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