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Originally Posted by Szadzik View Post
It is only about what you do with the card, how you take it out, connect the phone to PC and disconnect it and what files you have on there.
While these are certain to have an affect, in the case of my wife's phone, apart from sticking a brand new SD card in her phone and formatting it, it was never disconnected from the phone.

As to claiming it's the kind of files -- really??? Her card had music (mp3), pictures and video (taken with the phone). If you can't store these on an SD card, then what is the point of having one?

The OP might just as well have had a virus that killed the cards.
Oh, give me a break -- this is an Android phone, not a Windows PC. And as I said, my wife's card had NOTHING on it when it was inserted into her phone.

One way or another, S3 has no widespread problem with cards as the title might suggest.
What is "widespread" depends on your definition, but my wife and I had had several smart phones, I know quite a few folks with smart phones (including iPhones) and the ONLY instances I've personally run across in all these YEARS of phone corrupting SD cards -- is with THIS phone -- BOTH of our SG3s. That's "widespread" enough for me!
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