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WOOOO HOOOOO!!! my problem is gone guys!!! i have had a battery much MUCH better life than before... i can go upto 24 hrs without charging... and that is with doing ALL my regular stuff... in fact am playing more games than before and surfing longer than before!a

after having been through all the crap I mentioned in comment #83... the issue turned out to be the physical battery itself... on one occasion, while I was fiddling with the battery, I noticed a very slight swelling... in fact it was so slight that I probably would not have noticed it if I did not have my spare battery to compare it with... I immediately switched the batteries and now my spare battery is the main one... it works fantastic... I can finally get the phone to last over an hour even when it is down to 15%... I did some more searching on the net and this seems to have been an issue with many!!! so check your batteries and see if it is the same problem...

Many have said that overcharging the phne can cause the battery to swell up... and believe me i used to charge it all night! (have stopped doing that now... I unplug as soon as it hits the 100% charged mark...

am totally loving the new ICS!!! and yeah Android rocks!!!

hope this helps others too... Cheers!!!
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