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How many are in the Christmas Spirit and how many are like yeah who cares? and how many just loath that its that time again?

I'm caught in between the Christmas Spirit and who cares. I want to really enjoy the season but find it harder and harder to do every year. It would seem the more they take away the less interest I have. People being "Politically Correct" not wishing to offend people are offending me. I say Merry Christmas not Happy Holidays. I believe that the Spirit of Christmas is about who gives the gift and not about the gift. I loathe having to give to those who already have more than me but if I don't then I'm a scrooge or worse. Christmas wasn't a retail nightmare when I was growing up. We made things for each other and bought very little from the Retail Stores. Cards were always hand made and signed with love. People today don't have the time to slow down and make things like we did back then and for the few gifts that were bought most of them were for necessity reasons. Now we give like its a competition of who can give the best gift. Who was able to get that one gift that "so and so" wanted. I remember looking through the Sears Catalog only being able to pick out three gifts and we were thankful for those gifts.

Children today act like its expected and if you don't get me what I want then I'll raise t total hell. I'll ruin things for everyone because you owe it to me. What the hell is this and why have we let it get this far. That is not the fault of the Government or the School system but the fault is all ours the Parents. I spank my child when she acts out. I take things away and make her give stuff away am I an abuser? I think teaching my child about responsibility and teaching her that the Christmas Spirit isn't about how much gifts you have under the tree but about giving to others and ensuring that someone less fortunate has a nice Christmas. That they get the basic necessities that man kind need to live. Not the hotest video games or the best state of the art widget.

Anyway sorry to vent I just really love Christmas and hate to see what it is becoming here in the land of the free. Freedom that came with a heavy price that our children are not learning to appreciate.

Merry Christmas to all and God Bless You all.
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