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Let me tell you all something.
The Mrs & myself lost our kids for almost a year because of whipping ones ass when he got out of line. But long story short, we have told those people that when our children get too far out, we will whoop that ass again because they are OUR children, and we will. CPS does not scare me, nor will they tell me how to raise my children, or when/how I punish them. They put not one bite of food on our table, paid one light bill, and surely has not taken one of them to the doctor when they needed it it. They attended no school meeting, stayed up all night when one was afraid of the dark or had a nightmare, or even said I love you to any of them. We have raised them, cared for them and loved them every day, and for them to think they was gonna tell us anything when it came to them is way out in left field. We fought tooth & nail to get them back, and will do it again if needed.
I am fighting a war between them and the streets. If I lose, then the streets will win them, and THAT IS NOT AN OPTION. The Streets will not claim my children, and I will fight whoever gets in my way, with words, pen & paper, or anything else necessary to keep them safe. We are raising boys to be responsible men. And if that means I have to tear off in that ass sometimes, it is what it is..
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