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Originally Posted by usmc2871 View Post
as a side note, I work for the Military in communications repair. I have pulled these apart before and have a full ESD workstation on a 50Mohm tile floor, so I'm not worried about the physical aspect of opening it
Well then, hardware and skill wise, I can't see a problem. A couple of issues as i see it. You off course are voiding the warranty which may be apparent if they look. Also, if you're sending back a device and they repair the screen, the phone will have a different imei and serial # than the one they're expecting, which could be a issue. The biggie here is that what you're potentially planning to do is FRAUD! The intent isn't bad IMO, but it would be fraud none the less.

Is there no recourse with serialized apps in case there's hardware failure? Certainly, if there isn't I would avoid buying such apps or games in the future. Tying in a app to a particular piece of hardware so that you loose the app purchase if said hardware is lost. sold or damaged is a lousy policy IMO
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