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Originally Posted by cobretti View Post
One of Satan's best weapons now is the whole "P.C" movement. Makes me puke.
Say . . . what about threatening to stop paying your son or daughter's cell bill? Perhaps replace their Android powered iPhone Razor S3 X Note running Baked Apple or whatever the latest OS happens to be, with a blister packed AT&T Go-Phone from the checkout isle at Wally Mart?

These days, a kid would trade one of their eyes for a cell and a pre-paid phone that cannot Tweet, SMS or FaceBook would be humiliating.

Perhaps take away the car keys and hand the little monster a week's worth of bus tokens?

So your kid has no phone and must take public transportation. What a catastrophe; a few events that to the child makes them think their life is over.

Announce a 'minutes for grades' program. "You will receive three hours of phone time every time you earn a C; four hours for a B; and a full week for an A. An A+ gets you almost a month."

"And I'll be testing you, so no cheating. If you cheat, you will receive two empty tin cans and some string." And some good walking shoes. Better learn to read a paper map.
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