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Originally Posted by ElasticNinja View Post
Its looking like the conservative projections made by a host of scientists (as opposed to the more extreme projections, there are usually a few given), are somewhat off. Very unfortunate really. A lot of England & Wales has suffered massive flooding over the past few days, it seems that weather patterns even here are becoming more erratic. Long term climate statistics show a lot of data on this, quite telling really.
People should try this: read the weather forecasts, take notes. Listen to the radio, take notes. Look at weather dot com and take notes.

Compare the notes to the actual weather that actually happens in your actual area, and guess what? Short term predictions are not always accurate.

Do you really think weather can be predicted hundred years from now, Mr. Skientist? Huh? Do 'ya? Hardly.

I recall a story that did not find its way across the net about a programmer that had a chance to look at the source code for some software written to predict the weather.

He claims some of the variables weren't; some data was hard coded in the software and he discovered that the software would always "predict" a dismal future.

I'll try to find the piece. Not sure what it means, but it sounds like cheating.

The weather on my cell right now says it is a nice day. Looking out my window reveals cold and rain and what a crappy day indeed. The Tribune forecast is wrong and it is different than the Desert news earlier today and none of it agreed with KNRS until an hour or so ago.
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