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Originally Posted by TheTenthLetter View Post
Does anyone know if the Paid version ($1.99) "collects personal information" including "passwords and credit card numbers" like the Free version does? I couldn't find any info readily available on this topic; I don't really want sensitive data like that collected, and on top of THAT it also requests permission to collect AUDIO CAPTURES as well (like... your calls!). WTF and WTF DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ME TYPING?! I understand you "get what you pay for," but these were a dealbreaker for me.

Any other good keyboard apps out there (i.e. ones that don't do that and are still functional??) I've had the Warp for going on three weeks now and typing is still just as frustrating as the day I got it. Tonight, I picked up that old, trusty, beat-up Incognito of mine and pounded out a couple of not-going-anywhere-in-particular text messages out and ahhh, it felt so right! I'm almost thinking of picking up a new one of those (getting cheap now!) or at least getting my hands on a Transform Ultra for a bit... #touchscreentypingihateit
Whether you install a keyboard... whatever keyboard that warning comes up because if the source of this keyboard is malicious then yes anything you type can be recorded... but it's not because the warning shows up that you have to worry.... just keep to polar keyboards that are available on Google play....

Sorry didn't realise that was already answered by primetech
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