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Originally Posted by nytmare View Post
Disagree. Both of my cards were fried by two different S3s and neither phone had ever been connected to a PC. Next...

I'm going to have to call you out on this; how exactly does your wife have music on her external sd card? Google music ONLY loads to your internal storage when you have it set for offline play. If you have loaded music from google play onto the external card you have done so with a third party app and that could easily be the culprit. Even if you moved the music via wifi (airdroid, kies etc) you are still taking something from your computer to your sgs3 it could still corrupt it just the same as if it was connected via usb.

mini-rant you have been forewarned:: IMHO i have a feeling like it's an app that is not playing well with the SGS3. I run across a couple of apps that have made my SGS3 act funky, most recently was XMBC (it's beta I know), after installing it, every time I unlocked my phone the calender would launch. uninstalled it and the problem is gone. Android is good, but the market is full of sloppily written apps that are bug ridden and too many people just download whatever to their phones without thinking about where it came from, who made it, why is it free, why does a game need permissions to access call records etc..

Case in point: the app Light flow, it's a simple app that lets you have more control over the led indicator and change it's color. On the SGS3, if causes a host of issues like a non functioning keyboard and talk back issues (there are other issues too).
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