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Originally Posted by PHATBOi813 View Post
Ok, I live in Tampa, FL and have a HTC Evo Design that I get full bar WiMAX 4G on at my house. I want to upgrade phones to an S2, my question is: Is it worth losing my 4G to save a $100 and buy a "flashed to BOOST" S2 that only utilizes 3G over paying full price for the official BOOST S2? Any input provided is appreciated. Thanks.

BTW, the guy that is selling the "flashed" S2 says they are doing away with WiMAX in Tampa anyways, but that just sounds like a sales pitch to me...
im no expert on this but here's what I know.
Boost is Nextel which is Sprint. Sprint is currently loading 4G LTE as their main 4G service. WiMax which Sprint first invested in is a inferior 4G service. However I am currently unaware of their plans for WiMax. Logic says they dump it all really soon and go all LTE. I would invest in an 4G LTE or a 3G phone. Lest you may wind up paying for 4G services you have no access to. Better yet stay away from anything related to Sprint (and especially their 4G) would be a good call another year and a half till they get all caught up UNLESS you can say you have great service where you are. So my suggestion would be go for the 3G with boost if your already enjoying good service through them.
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