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"In low light conditions it is unimpressive."

Well put. I would have to agree with this statement. It is very much dependent upon what type of light as well as what you are trying to shoot. I took some relatively low-light photos at work recently and posted them to a similar thread and they came out great. But a couple days later I was trying to get some photos in my garage of a defect on a motorcycle seat and for the life of me I could not get the camera to find the focus point no matter how much I played with angles and flash and what not.

If you have some sharp angles with varied textures with at least a little bit of light (like the shot posted earlier of the keys) you will get a decent photo. There are a couple menu options called Scenes, Modes, and Exposure that will also allow you to try different things to get a good photo in the stock camera program.

Digital photography is an art form unto itself and trying to get good photos with a cell phone has always been a challenge. Does the RHD camera suck? Not at all. Can it be unimpressive? Absolutely. So are many others. There are definitely other cell phones out there with better cameras. If the camera is your absolute number one priority then it might behoove you to check out a different phone. But the RHD Maxx excels in so many other areas it tops the pack in my opinion as the best mobile phone on the market right now.

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