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Originally Posted by Bob Maxey View Post
And almost everyone here would take a raise or a big bonus. If they say they would not, they are liars.

They will accept a bonus and it were tens of thousands of dollars, they would be pleased and happy. Not saying you personally feel that way Saptech, but those that often complain about the goodies given to execs, would take the same deals and accept the same stuff from their company.

And no, I am not saying it is good that a large corporation fails while their execs are paid. There are provisions in the contracts a company signs that give executives certain things at the end. Things the typical Joe on the line is not made aware of by management.
I understand what you're saying, but in cases like this, why would they be rewarded for failure!

So the company is going to reward those same executives who caused the company's failure...interesting???

But lower workers severence pay, usually what they get, will be much lower than those millions or hundred thousands, the execs will get!
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