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Originally Posted by SkinJob View Post
I thought of doing that, but I have not been able to find the app anywhere on Google. The one you pointed to is not the same app. I also just realized I have no way to back up the dialer, if I don't know what program it is, or how it got created....

I can only find one reference on the net to this dialer from Jan. (I mean, other than my own thread here!). So at least I'm know I'm not dreaming it. On that page, the guy who developed 360 Guards had listed the million things it can do... and the dialer wasn't one of them. Then a forumer responds to ask the developer if Fast Dialer in 360 Guards is available as a seperate app, that he can download. No response! End of thread.

Update: And now, this may all be moot.... I "flung" the dialer icon up to "info", to see if I can trace where it is on my phone. After getting an info reading from ADW (which only said it was 360 Guards), the icon was no longer replaced back on the dock! So I have no way of knowing how to get back this screwy dialer app!

...And that's the story of how I lost the best dialer app I've ever seen on Android....
Thanks for the update!! Could be one for the Mysteries of android section!!
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