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I will pay $100 to the person who can create an application described below:

My idea is called "the switch"

It is a one button (icon) that, when pressed activates and or deactivates functions.
For instance... when I am at work, and want to conserve my battery, I need to do the following:

Shut off wifi, 3G, GPS, lower screen brightness, lower volume, and keep the vibration on.

If there was an app where I could configure these sorts of things to happen with the flip of a "switch" Id be golden.

I could also use it to turn certain things back on... like a switch for when I am in noisy areas like train stations.. this switch would: turn up the ringe volume all the way up, turn on the vibration (if it were already on no effect), change the ringtone to something else, and perhaps activate bluetooth (in ear ringing is nice!)

Can anyone grasp my idea?

I'd also like a short cut to flip the orientation of the browser when I wanted without opening the KB or hitting the menu button, scrolling for the "Flip Orientation" and then scroll and read at will. I have tried to do this with Anycut, but no go.

It would be nice to assign this function to the camera button, since I rarely use it to activate the cam anyway... I usually just open the menu and select it from there.

So, if these ideas are possible, and someone wants $100 - I know its not a fortune, but I feel the community of users could benefit. Get in touch - I will pay when the app is up and working in the Marketplace or when I can demo a working beta version.
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