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Originally Posted by SEMIJim View Post
I'm not prepared to go that far quite yet, but I'm close. (What I suspect will happen is that, before either my window-of-opportunity to return the thing closes or Samsung fixes it, I'll grow tired of the whole issue, return the tablet and move on. We'll see.)

For the sake of your blood pressure, do not try to call Samsung customer "support" to raise this issue with them. The reaction I got from the other end when I tried to explain the nature of the problem was such that, just a couple minutes into the effort, I said "This is futile. Never mind." and terminated the call.

I tried to use their web site form, too. That is also broken. It lets you select WiFi-only Galaxy Tabs, but then gives you no choice for the model number it insists you must choose.

I'm sensing a pattern, here... It does not speak well of Samsung. As such: Even if I keep this tablet, I'll think twice before ever again considering a Samsung mobile device. I certainly won't be recommending them anytime soon.

I've been dealing with them through Samsung Support's Facebook page. I at least get some attempts at help there and they understand that there is an issue and say they have reported it but that it's "being worked on." Nothing beyond that.
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