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No I mean come up with system for generating unique passwords. At its simplest come with a 12 character key that meets the characteristics for a strong password - for instance lets say: b8iL&vn3^h2a and memorise that (although a random set of characters would be best you can use whatever mnenomic trick you want long as it meets the complexity requirement I would say no shorter than 8 characters). Then make a rule to modify it with something unique about individual site/application, perhaps the first 2 and last characters of the name of the site/application at the beginning and of the key. That way you end up with unique strong passwords like so:

Skype - sKb8iL&vn3^h2ape
Android Forums aNb8iL&vn3^h2ams
Pocket - pOb8iL&vn3^h2aet

Anyway you get the idea. Each password is unique and it is strong. You don't have to memorize each one because only you know the key and the rules to modify it so you can recreate them whenever you want.

The trick is coming up with you own personal rules for creating a strong password. The more complex the better but it also slows you down so I stick with one or two rules.
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