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Originally Posted by Szadzik View Post
All this is just a thread with a few people reporting issues. I am going to repeat:

Samsung sold MILLIONS of S3s and you really think only a few people have this problem when all the phones are defective? I call this BS campaign.
The phone has been available for 6 months now and with the higher models having 32gb internal memory, it's possible that many S3 owners hadn't even used external storage yet. It's too early to tell if this is a major scale problem but I hope it's only affecting a limited number of people, cause I've done some searching and it's starting to occur more often lately. Someone on another forum suggested to try blowing into the SD card slot to remedy the problem...but that wouldn't explain why your card can no longer be read by your PC.

And by the way, blindly defending Samsung/the S3 reminds me of Apple fanboy type behavior. Let's be objective here and open to the possibility that your phone or my phone could be next...

Samsung's galaxy s3 sd card issues - YouTube d=rja&sqi=2&ved=0CEIQFjAC&url=http%3A%2F%2Fforums. kAFcjaNDmtQpQShgXM4KHBl3LA

"Hmm... This seems to be happening a lot. And I'm about to upgrade my card. I wonder if its a phone issue or a card issue. Is the brand, capacity, and speed of the micro SD card that "fried" the same as the one that works? " d=rja&sqi=2&ved=0CEYQrAIoATAC&url=http%3A%2F%2Ffor kXmsyfwZBpK_r5MkTaqyQ

"My galaxy s3 has fried two sd cards of mine. In the first week or so I purchased it in July, my old samsung sd card died. I bought a sandisk from amazon, and 3 months later it died too, repeatedly shows "blank sd card" error.

I tend to think this is a S3 issue now. "

"Just found this thread today...

My first 64GB SanDisk died after about 4 weeks of usage. I noticed something was going wrong as CWM would not find files that I previously copied to the card. After a while I was only able to view the content of the SD but not copy files back to my PC. A short time later I couldn't access the card at all.

SanDisk replaced the card under warranty though. "

"Another victim here

32GB card died. More than money it's about the buttload of inconvenience. It seems to have happened across ROMs, across memory mfg brands and across classes. Pretty sure it's a h/w fault now.

Totally not cool. "

"Well I've got to add my name to the list of fried SD card owners.

I was using a Sandisk 32gb SDHC since about mid September when I first had the phone and it was faultless up until the weekend. Suddenly and without any warning, overnight the phone desides that the SD card needs formatting and nothing I could do would bring it back. Computer doesn't recognise it whatsoever and no solution I've found online seems to have any effect.

To add insult to injury, I got hold of a 64gb version of the Sandisk and within 24 hours that one was toast as well. The only difference being that this one is detectable by the computer. Unfortunately, no formatting program seems to cure the card. My desktop, laptop and netbook all fail to make the card work again. I'm obviously going to have to get in touch with Amazon/Sandisk to see about replacements or refunds but I've lost confidence in this phone/card combination on a massive scale. "
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