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Default "Media Center" / XBMC software/hardware recommendations?

So I have been playing around with the latest builds of XBMC and it's great as always but I was wondering about a few things...

Is there anything out there that supports Netflix and HBO Go in addition to being "like" XBMC? Also nice to have: Pandora,,

One of the nice things about cutting the cord too is using my phone as a remote too.

I'm not adverse to buying a dedicated box if that is what works best.

However, I bought an Xbox 360 and it cant seem to traverse my network share properly and now UPnP/DLNA doesnt seem to work at all anymore. Not to metion it requires an additional $10/month for XBL gold just to access HBO and Netflix.... So the Xbox has been a bit of a disappointment. Hoping not to repeat this.

Roku looks nice in that it seems to offer HBO and Netflix.

Boxee seems to have some nice features.

XBMC seems to handle mounted drives on OSX well (currently using a MBP for this but it stutters from time to time -- the MBP kinda sucks)

I was thinking of trying OpenELEC booted from a USB to see if I could get performance gains.

I also have Plex Media Server on my NAS but my NAS is a old-ish ARM based NAS that doesnt transcode/stream all that well, and Plex sounds like it has performance problems on ARM based NAS's

So my questions:

1) Does Boxee still produce software that can be used without a

2) Does Roku? (did they ever?)

3) How is the performance for OpenELEC?

4) Any suggestions or easier ways to go about this?
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