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Originally Posted by nytmare View Post
You guys have me confused with another poster. My wife doesn't have an S3 and I never mentioned anything about music.
Sorry, totally didn't mean to quote you in the reply!

And by the way, blindly defending Samsung/the S3 reminds me of Apple fanboy type behavior. Let's be objective here and open to the possibility that your phone or my phone could be next...
I know I am not blindly defending the SGS3, but just because it happened to you and a small percentage of owners doesn't mean it's some epic problem some are making it out to be.

I know that there is something going on but there are waaaayyyy to many variables to start screaming this will happen to you nonsense. Various apps, transfer data methods, type of card, the os could be the culprit.

I travel a ton, I have a long train commute each day (3 hours each way, it's temporary ) Every 2 to 3 days I'm deleting and adding 16gb or more of movies and tv shows to the sd card keep in mind I have a 32 gb adata micro sd card. adata is the bottom rung of flash memory. If I haven't trashed this card yet, it's definitely not hardware. I doubt anyone moves as much data as I do with as much frequency, so it has to be something else.
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