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Originally Posted by NeXuS4 View Post
Question for the hard core android guys that go through multiple phones per year.

How does the Nexus 4 compare to your other phones?

Lol... I can see this thread turning into a major food fight, let's hope people can keep it clean and play nice!

To answer your question on how good the phone is, I'm gonna say this...

It's a very Good phone in a very tough market, and if Google was better at promoting and handling supply and demand, this phone would be in a lot more hands.

It all really comes down to preference, if a person really digs pure Vanilla android, and hates dealing with carrier bloat, then this is the phone for you. The camera has been improved from the Galaxy Nexus, and some shots that I'm seeing online are really impressive. Also the screen takes a little getting used to after looking at the very saturated colors on say a Samsung device like the GS3, which to this day I say is one of the best Android devices ever made.

Do I think Google could have done better? We'll yea of course! We all walk down that road were we say we want more. LTE would have been nice IMO!

However, price price price....I'm one of the people that really had to realize that this phone is basically half the price of a lot of the phones that people compare it to (myself included)

I definitely have to say if your in the market for an Android device, and your not on Verizon (if so I'd recommend the DNA) then definitely find a way to try the Nexus 4 out!
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