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Originally Posted by MT Rotor View Post
This topic has its own section in xda forums BTW: nexus 4 vs _____

Oh and the nexus 4 will be in my hands, as I walk through the apple store to show it off and convince people to convert to android
If they're the type that understands hardware it would be a no brainer. Just explain it has over double the processing power, double the RAM, higher res screen, etc.. You might have a hard sell on the camera if they already have an iPhone 5 though.

As for the software it's really preference. To my family members who are terrible with technology I actually recommend the iPhone because it's simple. They get it and it just works so to speak. If i mention root or something they just give me a blank stare. Personally I much prefer the customization and open source nature of Android, but it's not for everyone.

As far as Android phones go I progressed from LG Optimus V > Motorola Triumph > HTC Evo 3D > LG Nexus 4.

Really I average a phone a year. 3 years ago the Optimus was considered high end, 2 years ago the Triumph was considered high end, last year the Evo 3D was considered high end, and this year the Nexus 4 is topping the spec department. I'm actually planning on making the Nexus last 2 years though. With a quad core, 2GB RAM, and all OS updates that come out in the next 2 years that shouldn't be too hard. The Nexus 4 is the best smartphone i've owned hands down. I love it.
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