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Originally Posted by mh68 View Post
Once you use the Note 2, there won't be any going back. You get used the size very quickly and when you look at a smaller phone, it looks too small. The data connectivity is WAY better than the tbolt, battery life is AMAZING and Jelly Bean on the quad core processor is extremely smooth. I was never a big fan of touch wiz and preferred Sense, but they've improved it and I actually like it.
i got rid of sense last year when i started rooting. since then, its been running much better. as for connectivity, my work is spotty with data due to all kinds of electronic equipment but outside of it, its pretty good. 4G is great when i manage to get into an area that has it. i just need to do my research on the 2 and go from there. a friend of mine told me he loves his s3 but then again he loved his iphone5 when he had it so i cant really trust his electronic opinion
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