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Originally Posted by dfran1 View Post
I know the little things in life bother people, some bother me, I did not like having this problem with my siii, but it happened and I had 3 choices..

1.. clear cache and reset
2.. root
3.. live with it and wait for samsung to fix it

I chose #1, It was a kind of a pain but really not that bad, and I have lots of stuff to configure LOTS.

It really was not the end of the world.

Now I had iPhones 2 (4 and 4s) for the year I owned them, the more I used them, for the life of me, could not figure out WHY NO WORD WRAP when you pinch to zoom, especially on a 3.5" screen, I mean WT?....

Now imagine trying to scroll left and right on just about everything web,email related, every day and night you use it, Boy way I glad to dich them, and to this day I can not understand why people line up for them. Cause that is one MAJOR SUCK feature of them. Lets not even get started on the yellow tinted, washed out screens some iPhone's came with and apple telling people thats normal, my 1st 4s came like that and I got it swapped at best buy where I purchased it, and the guy was looking at me sideways.... but did swap it and the 2nd iPhone 4s was perfect, no washed out yellow screen, and apple DOES NOT CARE EITHER...

Now NOTHING is perfect, and it may suck to get the copy and past bug, but in MY OPINION (nothing else), it really is not that big of a deal, noway near as the 2 I mentioned above.

Now I have a note 2 and my wife has my siii, she loves it, and does not want the iPhone back. I love these samsung's and hope they keep em coming, and I may some day replace the iPad with a samsung tablet also.

Thats why we all have choices, imagine everyone driving the same car...

I do hope samsung gets this fixed, but the features they offer outweigh the small bugs, annoying for sure but (in my opinion only) minor.
My GS3 doesn't word I doing something wrong?

Also, factory reset is just a temporary fix.

Lastly, this isn't a missing feature like word wrap, or something the phone doesn't do that we wish it would. It's a vital function of the phone for some of us - 75% of what I do with my phone requires the use of cut and paste.
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