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Originally Posted by 007shark View Post
I have been running JB for a few days now. I haven't noticed any major improvements compared to ICS. There are a few cosmetic changes and the notification drawer adds more functionality. Speed is the same as ICS for me. I never had lag in ICS, though. The Circles Widget is fixed to keep saved settings for notifications.

Some of my apps don't like JB. I may revert back to ICS and go to JB at a later date when more development is done for JB.
Interesting - I haven't noticed any non-functionality with old apps yet, but then I also haven't played with most of them. What apps specifically 'don't like' JB? It would helpful if we identified the apps that don't work as well with JB as they did with ICS.

I agree for the most part - not much improvement but didn't have an performance issues with ICS anyway.
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