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Originally Posted by sean76 View Post
Both my Note and GS3 are great as phones and keeping a signal...Now my Galaxy Nexus was a different story, both as a phone and keeping data connectivity.
I had issues with either having no service at work while others had it and also a weird bug where the person on the other line couldn't hear me. Sounded like I was at the other end of a tunnel whispering.

I've used and researched a lot of phones and it's a pretty familiar concession that Sammy phones have lesser signal power to phones like a Motorola or an iPhone. I don't know yet about the LG Nexus.

Also, it's not as though I NEVER had a signal (except for at work) for the most part it's fine and it may never be an issue for some, but if we're really trying to discuss the pros and cons of different phones, this is one that i've read a lot about and that i've experienced myself.
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