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Originally Posted by Thats View Post
I personally find this not true, I have many family members who do not like technology but love their Android phone because I set them up with a phone that just works. It's all preference and if someone likes one more than the other so be it. Also, I think more people in my family have Android over iOS devices.
I've recommended the S3 to a few people in my circle (before the Nexus came out) and I can say that for the most part they fail to take advantage of much that it is offered by a powerful Android phone. My co-worker for example, still has all four icons on the bottom of the Touchwiz lockscreen including the S-Memo, which she has never opened. She also just has random apps all over different screens, in grid-style, like an iPhone.

When I recommend this phone, I always tell people, do the research, ask me questions, take the time to really set this phone up to work for you because it can do SO much!

This isn't to say that an iPhone is better fitted for people who just want to pick up the phone and go, just that Android takes a bit to set up to truly take advantage of it's power and for those who don't it just seems a wasted opportunity.
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