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Originally Posted by hiddenmickey View Post
My GS3 doesn't word I doing something wrong?

Also, factory reset is just a temporary fix.

Lastly, this isn't a missing feature like word wrap, or something the phone doesn't do that we wish it would. It's a vital function of the phone for some of us - 75% of what I do with my phone requires the use of cut and paste.
I'm not here to argue with anyone, i'm just stating my opinion, and that is all. PLEASE.

I am very sorry to offend anyone on this matter!

On the word wrap feature, compared to the iphone, the siii screen size is accommodating as the iphone 3.5" is not, and when I had my other android phones in that screen size bracket, they would wrap. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

I really do hope Samsung fixes this SOON.
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