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Ok, I dont care if I get flamed for this, clearly the single APN route doesnt work for everyone(myself included). So Im going to put my dual APN settings here so people can try them(since they work) and if they dont like it they can happily go back to one APN. These are my settings for Straight Talk on ATT SIM.

For those of you who want to try a dual APN setup and guarantee the MMS will work, try these:

First APN enter this:

Name - Straight Talk
APN - att.mvno
Port - 80
MMSC - (no spaces or //)
MMS Proxy -
MMS Port - 80
MCC - 310
MNC - 410
APN Type - default,supl (no spaces)

Second APN type this:

Name - MMS
APN -att.mvno
MMS Proxy -
MMS Port - 80
MCC - 310
MNC - 410
APN type - mms

Anything I didnt put down just leave blank. Check the first APN with the dot and delete any other APN's in your system. Reboot your phone and give it about 30-60 minutes to configure. In the meantime, send yourself a picture. Start with something small (low res) and then move up to a bigger file.

Good luck and if you dont like this ignore my post. Its free to try and doesnt hurt anyone so dont be a hater for my post.(I know who you are) And if this works for you, dont hesitate to thank me. Cheers!
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