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I am in agreement that this last update was terrible. I understand that improvements are always made for most programs but this was a step back. They really muddled the menu's and separated them too much. While I could find most stuff after a while, it really wasn't intuitive at all. I don't want to have to search and search for simple changes. While they've made changes in the past that I could handle, I just couldn't accept this one. I've always used my own clock skins because I made them to match my phone and theme. With this latest update, you can't use your own. I dug through and found the newest place they hid them, like last time. When you place your own skins in there, they won't be read by BW. Which means you can only download them. meaning you are stuck with other's creations. To make it so you can't use your own skins is too much for me. Luckily I made a backup before downloading the new BW and so I was able to revert. And how many times do we have to tolerate a full wipe of all our settings and skins?? So I'll always have the play store saying there's an update for them, I can deal with that.
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