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Originally Posted by Rxpert83 View Post
The phones we have now don't need 2gb of ram. I'm not sure what the benefit if any of adding more would be
I believe there's a Linux kernel upon which Android is based that facilitates multi-tasking. The extra gig of ram will enable better multi-tasking and is why project butter/JB/KLP and going forward Android versions will be able to operate with smoothness despite increasing complexity.

Just like on a PC, more ram won't show up under normal circumstances. But if you run multiple spreadsheet analytics and an intense program like Adobe's full image program, same-spec'd PCs with a higher ram usually have a smoother experience than lower ram. Both will run, but one will be a much better experience.

I question whether that's the case on most phones right now, but start dropping advanced color arrays on 1080p screens doing multitasking and that extra gig of ram will be very welcome indeed
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