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Originally Posted by SirSpace View Post
Early if that was the case about his neighboor taking his connection it would show up on his desktop wouldn't it? It would show the ppl connected to the network
Nope, not if it's just radio interference. Yes, if they've actually logged into your network.

Channel overlay and channel conflict (radio interference) looks like this -


In the above cases to the right, under the red, there is radio interference being arbitrated.

To make matters worse, many people don't rename their networks from their router defaults.

I once visited a buddy who was having strange issues, ran this tool and found everyone had the same network name and lots of overlap.

So - because of password protection, you don't see each other's computers on each other's networks - but you do get signal issues and dropouts and even get kicked off the net while your device tries to figure out where it really belongs.

Not guaranteeing that's what is happening here - just saying, this is the first thing I'd check.

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