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Originally Posted by dingleberryjerry View Post
here is the second page in the inventory showing more information about the phone. if you read the bottom it shows a date of 04/25 as an in stock date which is what i originally posted. Once again this leads me to believe that its a smart phone because A. its not a gateway netbook because it would have gateway in the description and details B the droid msrpd for 500 if you bought the phone flat out and C. is not a samsung phone or the "vaygus" phone because there are other phones in the system that have the bbyld description with other numbers and the msrp is from 200 to 350. Take this info for whatever it is. it may more may not be the incredible the reason i posted the two images is because like many of you i just want to hear a launch date. Ill let you guys decide if this is pertinent information or not. This is going to be the last piece of information i will disclose,
FYI this is not an "edited" screen shot because i know someone called out that i would later show an "edited" image after the fact that i posted the original one.
This could well be the most under-rated posts of the thread. One of the few things confirmable on the entire thread and yet you still got grief over your first inventory post. Guess you should have just made a "little birdy told me" story for everyone to fawn over Instead of posting pics.
Also considering the Droid was BBY9LD (blackberries appear to be BBM's, nothing else has been slated recently) I don't see how this would be anything besides the Incredible.
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