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Default M130 Rooted!

After a week of gnashing of teeth and scratching of heads, I have a rooted M130 Casio Gzone Commando. I found a file (/system/etc/ that was rwxrwxrwx.
First, I made a backup of the file to my sd card.
Second, I turned wireless off
I then edited it with root explorer and added at the bottom just above "exit 0" the following lines:

chmod 0777 /system
chmod 0777 /system/bin

I edited it with root explorer by first adding the commands above then saved the file. I noticed it made a backup so I edited it again by adding a "1" after the "#!/system/bin/sh" on the first line and saved it again. Finally, I remove the "1" and saved again. This process may not be necessary, but sometimes I have seen where a backup might try to load.

After this I rebooted and found that the /system and /system/bin folders were now read/write without superuser.
I used adb to push su (I used the su file from zergRush, however you can use the one from the link below) to the /system/bin folder. Alternately you can do this from your phone by using a file explorer to copy/paste from your sd to the /system/bin folder
I checked with root explorer that su was, in fact, in the /system/bin folder. However, its permissions and ownership were incorrect.

I went back to the /system/etc/ file and below the lines I added earlier I added the following:

chown root.root /system/bin/su
chmod 06755 /system/bin/su

I saved the file three times like above and then rebooted.
I went into root explorer and verified the ownership and permissions of su. They were correct.

After that I installed superuser and busybox installer from the play store.
The M130 was officially rooted.

As a precaution, I removed the lines I added in the /system/etc/ file and returned the permissions and owners for /system and /system/bin back to their original settings.

Finally, I updated the recovery to GNMs all in one recovery for the commando from
All In One Recovery Thread

*I highly recommend you install the GNM recovery as soon as your rooted and do a nandroid backup BEFORE you start freezing and removing bloatware. In this, you can always return to an operational commando if you fudge something up....experience is the best teacher.


Casio Commando drivers
C771 Drivers

adb if needed
M130 Rooted!
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