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I forgot to mention - Chufeng Wang did PM me the other day that he was taking this over for QingWu - that's why I re-opened the thread.

And again - please with the spam remarks. It's been answered. ZTE is new at this and working with mod staff to do this right. If anyone isn't interested, move on to a thread more to your liking. Further spam remarks will be deleted without prejudice.

This is a big corporation with cultural differences in communication styles from what you may be used to, so bear that in mind. is not getting anything out of this. We're just trying to make sure that you don't miss out on support opportunities.

Cheers, thanks!

PS - we removed their email addresses from the op per our standard policy. But they're ok with it, so we are. Yes, these individuals have email at ZTE corporate. Hope this clarifies.

PPS - HTC did this same thing. We had users here showing the Verizon DROID DNA prior to its public release.

Best luck to everyone on this!

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