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Originally Posted by Armbar View Post
Just a few things I want to clear up in regards to Agent/Retail Locations vs Corp Stores

Pricing- Pricing can't be dictated to agent locations, and can be set by the agent owner. Agents don't have any guidelines to follow other than remain profitable. All corp store have to follow the corp pricing matrix. I give the contract pricing to my annual upgrade customers, and I read earlier that BB doesn't- that is their policy, not all agent locations.

Upgrades- Agent locations can do all of the same types of upgrades that corp stores can do, however some types of promotions have to be dealt with in a different manner. NE2, Annual upgrade, conversion promotions- all can be done at any location. It's really dependent on how helpful the location wants to be.

Release dates- The Devour was available to the indirect side first, for whatever reason, it was not just BB. We usually hear about these types of releases in advance so we can gear up for it, and no word has been released on the Inc.

My locations do anything and everything to help our customers. I have pricing set extremely aggressive and have people that travel hours to get phones from us, because of knowledge, service and pricing. I just wanted to post and say 1- shop around, you just may find a better price and agents can play with pricing 2- Don't be treated in a way that makes you unhappy, find a locations that you enjoy going to. 3-If this phone doesn't come out soon I'm going to freak out because I want it so damn bad.
That is all.
I am glad to hear there are reputable private agents in VZW! In these parts, we have struggled so much with our private mom-and-pop agents feeding customers false information and then asking them to come to our corporate stores to have those expectations met. What's more, many of our agents have a history with customers that if it doesnt involve something that is commissionable for them, they'll say "we cant do that" and then send them to the corporate store to resolve the issue.

Thanks for being a different kind of agent. Good job!
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