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Default Same problem

I bought the note 2 less than a month ago. I dropped it on my floor the first day i got it and cracked the top part of the screen just a little it looks like a scratch. About a month laster which is now 2 days ago it just stopped working. In the middle of using it it just shut off. It sometimes will flash a light sometimes not. I try to turn it on and it wont. The battery was at 80 percent. So i try and charge it still nothing happens. Then it turns on a few hours later by itself and shuts right off again. Sometimes when i turn it on it does and sometimes absolutly nothing happens. But when i do get it on its only for about a minute tops. I took it to the store who said it had nothing to do with the crack it was power surging and to calk 611. I did that and they sent me to a store aout a half hour away where they can do warrenty exchanges. They could not get my phone to turn on and said there was nothing they could do cuz they cant even have it on long enough to try and reset it. They said they thought it was from an app i downloaded. They told me my phone was under warrenty but because my screen was cracked i would have to pay full price. I domhave insurance on my phone so i will have to pay a 200 deductible and 611 said they are so backordered they cant make any promises tosmwhen they will even get thiers. I called around to get my screen fixed tomsend it in for warrenty and the lowest price was 500. So i finally got my phone on long enough to factory reset it and it still wont turn on. I randomly hear it power up but then it shuts off after a few minutes. So basically i am stuck using my old phone unless i want to pay full price and buy a brand new note 2 because they sold me a defective phone. Every store i went to told me it had nothing to domwith it being dropped but unfortinatly its policy to notnaccept phones with a crack. So frustrating
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