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Originally Posted by Rico ANDROID View Post
I cant agree with this comment 100%. It seem to imply that Obama lies or have lied on a magnitude of the same scale of Romneys bold outright arrogant vicious lies.

If Obama lied in such a way, the "DUM TRUMP FUNDED MALARKIES" would have had the President impeached WAY back in his first term and surely would have changed the outcome of winning a SECOND term.

And according to the Republican Spokesperson Dum Trump, that birth certificate was the only thing his funded millions could come up with that was impeachable.

I agree with Speed Daemon & GMash's last post before this one. Most of the negative ads are not "endorsed" by the candidates so all sorts of "grossly bent truths" are pushed on the air for that influential vote.

I am glad it worked with opposite results this time.

Yes "BONER" is a Romney Proxy-Monkey. I once respect him. But you can see and hear the arrogance and anger in his face and voice. The republicans are back to square one and their top priority: No real cokstruftive working strategy, just disagree with the President and "get him out the whitehouse no matter what".
So you're going to hold candidates responsible for statements made by PACs they have no control over?
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