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Originally Posted by cjr72 View Post
I think trying to quantify which side lied more is a dubious exercise at best. Nonetheless the Washington Post's Fact Checker took a stab at it:
I must point out that that quote is patently misleading. It attributes "Pinocchios" to the President and former Governor Romney personally, yet the entirety of the "proof" that Mr. Kessler offers to support that allegation is labeled either "Democratic version" or "Republican version", and contains nothing that implicates either candidate personally.

The worst part is that this quote is that it's from a blog, which is not the same as real news. It's just some guy's opinion. I have a blog of my own. That doesn't make me a respected journalist, and it certainly doesn't make everything that I put on the blog magically true.

Context matters. In this case the context makes the contents of Mr. Kessler's blog his own opinion and not journalism from the paper itself. And the content that wasn't quoted belies the claims made in the part that was quoted. Sorry cjr72, no offense intended. But Mr. Kessler's summary fails to speak the truth.
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